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Singapore V Bangkok

Singapore has seen an unprecendented boom in property prices within the last 18 months and whilst there are those amongst you who will not see an obvious comparison between the Lion City and The City of Angels; there are nevertheless, some things that do deserve comparison. Bangkok's concentration of sought after condiminium developments has until recently largely been centred around Sukhumvit and Ploenchit but despite concerns over transport the Chao Phraya river has now become an area of high interest. Likewise one of the most expensive condiminium projects undertaken in Singapore has been at the mouth of the river.

It is obvious to me why buyers should be looking to these locations. Not necessarily the people who want or need to be in the centre of everything and close to their workplace but the wider circle of buyers, those who wish to own a property in a Capital city as a stopover or those who do not need to be at the business centre of the city. The life of a river is ever moving, particularly in Bangkok where the river is still very much a working river and a hive of activity that never appears dull. Why therefore should a prospective condominium buyer not want to have as his window this great living canvas?

I can recall when London first opened up the great River Thames to residential development and the huge Victorian warehouses were first converted into apartments, and where the riverside did not suit warehouse conversion; modern tower blocks rose in their place. Many thought that the old dockside areas would never be seen as desirable places to live and again there were concerns about transport, however, now multi-million dollar penthouses are common place. This scenario has been repeated all over the world from Chicago to Cologne to CapeTown.

So why compare Bangkok to Singapore?
Because in the price of real estate there is no comparison. Current per square metre selling prices of similar type developments run at about four times the price in Singapore. Yet Singapore is still seen as an attractive proposition to the real estate investor Take a look at a copy of the Straits Times in particular the Sunday edition and see how many real estate agents there are. Now compare two similar ground breaking projects; One Shenton in Singapore and The River in Bangkok. One Shenton had a very successful launch and is being built to a very high specification employing all of the latest technology and positioned overlooking the Straits. The River is a fabulous twintower project designed by Hans Brouwer and being developed by Raimon Land located directly on the river, as the name suggests, next to The Peninsular and opposite The Shangri-La and Oriental Hotels. Both projects have stunning views yet prices of The River start at about 115,000 baht per square metre, a fraction of the prices now being asked for similar apartments at One Shenton. Little wonder The River's launch has been one of the most successful in Bangkok's history. It is also worthy of note that much of the interest in The River has come from overseas.Perhaps, at last, the investors are realising that in terms of capital growth Bangkok's riverside offers much greater potential. There are of course those investors that still see Thailand as a potential risk. Once their doubts are put aside, just watch the prices, like the towers, go sky high!

Author: David Wade Author Ranking Blue

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A professional property valuer and surveyor, has over 25 years experience in real estate in the UK and Europe.
Phuket Property

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Buy a Property in Bangkok the Recommended Way

Bangkok is one of the most visited cities in the whole world and more and more people who visit it are willing to buy a property in Bangkok.

Foreigners who are interested in Bangkok real estate investing must be familiar with property laws in Thailand, if they do not want to have an unpleasant surprise. Anyone can buy a unit in a condominium, but foreigners cannot own free land and houses. According to a Thai rule, foreigners can buy only a certain percentage from the total area of the condominium, in a proportion that does not exceed 49% of all the units in the condominium. A local real estate agent can tell you if you fulfill the necessary conditions in order to buy a unit of a condominium or rent a property in Bangkok.

You can make a good idea about the local market if you resort to an experienced local agent, who knows his or her business. Thus, you will not have to worry about any failure of your Bangkok real estate investing, since such an investment
will bring you the expected long-term profit. The commercial real estates have exploded these last years and Bangkok real estate investing can turn out to be tricky, if you do not have a well-thought plan. Anyone can rent a property in Bangkok, but the success of the investment does not offer a guarantee as long as a team of experts has not advised you.

Bangkok real estate investing is not only about buying or renting the desired property in Bangkok. Apart from the money that you will spend on renting or buying, there will also be other operating expenses. The maintenance fee of the property you buy or rent faces charging by the month. The owners will decide the amount of money to pay. Furthermore, if you own a property in Bangkok, you will have to pay a property tax that varies according to the estimated value of the property.

Finding a licensed Bangkok property Real Estate Agent is not an easy task, because, just like in other cities, there are always many unauthorized agents who are looking forward to trick you into buying their inadequately constructed properties. Before you buy a property in Bangkok, it is very important to verify that the agency has a license and that they come with good recommendations. Remember that the success of your Bangkok real estate investing lies in his /her hands and you should not shy away from asking for recommendations.

In addition, it is also recommended to consult with a local attorney about possible pitfalls as well as other miscellaneous laws that are applicable to foreigners. For those foreigners wanting to buy a property in Bangkok, it is also pertinent to check out the new areas that are developing quickly. For instance, the train transportations (BTS) is quickly being developed and cause the real estate to increase quite rapidly in areas that were not popular before. Bangkok is a place that is worth investing in, but do not expect any short-term profitable results. In the end, the money you have spent on the property will pay off – you only need to start with a long-term goal.

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We can provide you with the best alternatives when it comes to Bangkok real estate investing. Solicit the skill of a professional Buy a Property in Bangkok and you will find the worth of your investment.

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Expats in Bangkok and Their Living Requirements

Bangkok, known as Krung Thep Maha Nakhon in Thai, is the capital as well as the cultural and commercial center of Thailand. Bangkok is situated on the Chao Phraya River Delta, about 40 km from the Gulf of Thailand, in the central region of the country. With a population of about seven million people, Bangkok is the city where the majority of expatriates in Thailand are based.

In other words, about 25% of the city's population is expatriates. Many of them are working, while some are retired or tourists on a long term vacation. Majority of the expats in Bangkok are westerners including Americans, British, and Germans. Most of them primarily work in foreign-owned and managed companies. A good number of Japanese expats can also be seen here, of which many of them work in Japanese legal firms in the city.

Expats living and working in Bangkok also include a lot number of people from other Asian destinations, such as, China, Indonesia, Korea, and Philippines. Many of them work as teachers and some in export sections in order to communicate with foreign customers. In short, it is no wonder that why Bangkok is regarded as the most diverse of all the Asian cities.

One of the prime reasons why many foreigners prefer to relocate and stay here for a long period is due to its affordable cost of living. Housing and daily consumer items plus food items are relatively cheap in Bangkok. However, cost of living in the city depends on your income. For a corporate executive working in the city with a salary of more than 150,000 baht per month or teacher with salary of about 35,000 baht per month can comfortably live here.

Middle class community with 10,000-20,000 baht a month can also live well here. For instance, an apartment studio coupled with facilities including furniture, phone, cable, and hot water are available for rent for 5,000-7,500 per month. Likewise, two-storied townhouses can be availed for rent for just 5000 baht a month. But, the rent of an apartment or a single detached with high-end facilities may go up to 10,000-20,000 baht per month. It may be even higher if you are well-heeled enough to choose a top-end condominium or serviced apartment with a rent between 25,000-100,000 baht.

Since many foreigners consider Bangkok as a destination to spend their retirement life, majority of expats are now showing interest in investing in Bangkok's property market. However, there are certain restrictions for foreigners who are interest in investing in property market. A foreigner can own a land or house in Thailand through a registered Thai company, provided he owns more than 39% of company's share.

Likewise, an expat can own land or house in the country through his Thai spouse. In other cases, an expat can lease land for 30 years, with a choice to extend it for another 30 years, of which the first 30 years are guaranteed since they are registered with the Land Department. However, there are fewer restrictions for owning a condominium in Thailand. In other words, condominium is the only type of asset that can be legally owned by a foreigner in the country.

When comes to food, everything from traditional Thai and seafood cuisines to exquisite Chinese and French cuisines are available. Eating or buying food from hawker stalls or a food court in the shopping centers is exceptionally cheap. There are also options for those who want to dine sumptuous dishes within luxurious comforts, in the form of international fast food restaurants or top-class eateries located within most sophisticated hotels. But, it may be expensive. Then also the bill would be lower when compared to similar restaurants in America or Europe.

The prices of other food stuffs are also relatively cheap. For instance, a can of coke is just 14 Baht. A loaf of bread can be bought for 25 Baht and a bottle of milk for 10 baht. Similarly many westerners' items including cornflakes, Tescos, pasta, jams, cheese, and bacon are available at big supermarkets and that too at local prices.

Of the expats in Bangkok, majority of them live in the city's Central Business District (CBD), the Silom sub-district, or on or close to the Sukhumvit-Phloenchit Rd. Some of the expats also live in the suburbs of Bangkok where economical housing options are available. Almost, every western country has an embassy in the city, including the Australian Chamber and the American Chamber.

Likewise, many organizations and business firms are here to provide visa services. In order to ensure high standard of treatment, many world-class hospital function here such as Bangkok General Hospital and Bamrungrad. Above all, a plenty of organizations operate here for the expats living in Bangkok, such as, the European Young Professionals Society and Hash House Harriers.

Author: Wantanee Khamkongkaew

About the Author:

Wantanee K. is an independent author evaluating and commenting on leading International Property Consultants in Thailand, especially CB Richard Ellis.

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Mu Koh Poda

Situated south of Ao Nang, 8 kilometres offshore, Mu Ko Poda is fringed by clear waters, and offers white sandy beaches, as well as, pristine coral reefs. This is why it is a year-round attraction and an excellent place for fishing because it is not affected so much by the monsoon. Mu Ko Poda can be reached within 25 minutes by boat from Ao Nang. Many noteworthy islands like Ko Thap, Ko Mo, Ko Hua Khwan, and Ko Kai are situated nearby. A beautiful sandy beach, connecting these islands, is visible at low tide.


Oriental Hotel Bangkok Thailand

Before we begin, know that our goal is to give you as much useful information as we can fit on our page.

Oriental lodge Bangkok in Bangkok is a part of the sophisticated official Oriental lodge group. The hotel is one of the splendid and sophisticated five star hotels of the city. The lodge skin in the Institutional saver 2004 World's Best lodges slope for its tasteful accommodations and tailored military. The masss and facilities provided by the hotel are praiseworthy and of a very high worth. The fifteen storey hotel looks amazing from a detach.

setting of Oriental lodge Bangkok in Bangkok is said to be a very picturesque one. The hotel stands beside Chao Phraya brook and witnesses the most lively city life of Bangkok. The hotel is in close proximity to a number of main attractions which contain the majestic Palace, The Wat Pho Temple, the Patpong night sell and the Siam shopping field. It is also very close to the ruins of Ayutthaya. The custom region of Bangkok deceit just next to the hotel. The international airport is a few miles away whilst the skytrain stations and the bus and taxi station are a few yards away from the hotel. hence this exotic accommodation is superior by both custom and leisure tourists.

extent Facilities at Oriental lodge Bangkok in Bangkok is regarded to be one of the best in the city. The hotel has a aggregate of 396 stabbingly furnished guestquarters. The quarters are equipped with hi tech gadgets like the television, IDD telephones, minuscule bar refrigerator, work oppose with internet connection, CD player with a tiny CD store, in-area nontoxic, air conditioning and hairdryer. The area overhaul is operational twenty four hours and you can also purpose the secret butler overhaul.

The options of Dining at Oriental lodge Bangkok in Bangkok are mixed. The hotel has eight restaurants and a bar to entertain the guests. Le Normandie is the signature restaurant of the specializing in French food and seafood. noble Jim serves brilliant sushi and sashimi dishes. Sala Rim Naam serves Thai food whilst The tableware House specializes in Cantonese delicacies. Ciao is a conventional Italian buffet and Verandah lets you bouquet the Asian and western cuisines. The cause's recline serves sandwiches, cakes and Tea. The rattan bar is one of the incident and legendary bars of Bangkok.

business and Conference at Oriental lodge Bangkok in Bangkok is a accepted business at the hotel. The issue nucleus and gathering quarters are roomy and fine. They can accommodate a gigantic congregation of people together. They are equipped with all kinds of hi tech gadgets like the LCD projector and the internet connection with a part screen.

As we take a closer look, keep in mind all of the useful and important information that we have learned so far.

The options of Dining at Oriental lodge Bangkok in Bangkok are mixed. The hotel has eight restaurants and a bar to entertain the guests. Le Normandie is the signature restaurant of the specializing in French food and seafood. noble Jim serves brilliant sushi and sashimi dishes. Sala Rim Naam serves Thai food whilst The tableware House specializes in Cantonese delicacies. Ciao is a conventional Italian buffet and Verandah lets you bouquet the Asian and western cuisines. The cause's recline serves sandwiches, cakes and Tea. The rattan bar is one of the incident and legendary bars of Bangkok.

selling and Conference at Oriental lodge Bangkok in Bangkok is a accepted event at the hotel. The contract crux and summit quarters are drudgery and complete. They can accommodate a vast congregation of people together. They are equipped with all kinds of hi tech gadgets like the LCD projector and the internet connection with a distinct examine.

The facilities of condition and Recreation at Oriental lodge Bangkok in Bangkok are amazing. The spa of the hotel is said to be one of the most stunning in the world. There is also a vigor crux, a swimming puddle and a beauty store.

Other services and military at Oriental lodge Bangkok in Bangkok are central and diverse. The hotel has a currency replace defy, a tour defy, habitual laundry and dry cleaning military, babysitting military, 24 hour checkup flair, and disabled facilities.

If you thoroughly examine each part that we have discussed, you will see a common thread of which to explore.

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Maypopup M. is the Webmaster of Bangkok Thailand Smart Choice of Booking Hotel, Golf Course , Water Activities , DayTip All Bangkok Thailand With Free Coupon discont up 50% , Free Travel Insurance More at

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Condo one special price from 45,000 baht/sq.m

Just got email from my friend who works at Sansiri

Condo One By Sansiri offers special promotion 22- 23 Nov

Lad Prao 15 - 50,000 Baht/Sq.m
Lad Prao 18 - 45,000 Baht/Sq.M.
Lad Prao Station – 56,000 Baht/sq.m
Sukhumvit 67 – 57,000 Baht/sq.m
Sathorn – 53,000 Baht/sq.m
Sathorn – Narathivart - 54,000 Baht/sq.m

If you are interested in Condo One by Sansiri please contact them by sending email to

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Rent a House in Bangkok

When I first moved to Bangkok, I rented an apartment like most newcomers to Bangkok do, but as I became more familiar with my new home town, I decided to be a little more adventurous and rented a house. Having lived in houses over the past five years now, I’ve found that renting a house in Bangkok not only offers more space and privacy, often it is also much better value compared to apartment living. More often than not, it is also a cheaper option (per square metre) compared to renting an apartment or condo, which are getting smaller in size these days! If you enjoy wide open spaces, appreciate some green in your life - a garden perhaps, have pets, a large family or simply want to maximize your budget, consider renting a house instead.

Another advantage in renting a house is, apartments tend to put a high surcharge on your electricity and water bills. Many apartments have a minimum charge of 1000 bht for water alone. That is a significant amount considering my water bill never cost me over 500 bht living in a house with a family of 5, and we do A LOT of washing! Electricity can be anything between 5 – 7 baht per unit compared to the actual 3.75 baht charged by the MEA. Living in a house can save you up to half your utility bills compared to living in an apartment, and believe me it is A LOT of difference!

Thailand is cheap!

As you may already know, Thailand (more accurately, “Bangkok”) is not the cheap haven many foreigners once thought it to be, especially when it comes to housing. Property prices and rental have gone up considerably and that’s the way it goes everywhere around the world. The very same 2 bedroom unit I rented 5 years ago (in Silom) has gone up by 30% in rental and hardly any refurbishment has been done to it since! “That’s ridiculous” you say and believe it or not, I agree! But hey, I don’t make the prices and if you think agents benefit from that higher commission, that’s only true when clients actually think these houses are worth the price and that isn’t always the case.

Renting a house in Sukhumvit, Silom or Sathorn.

If you are looking to rent a house in the the Sukhumvit, Silom or Sathorn area, then the very minimum rental you are looking at is 30,000 bht for a BASIC 3 bedroom house. Even then, they are few and far between in that range, and more often than not are above 15 years old, with dark parquet flooring and lots of wooden built-ins which many people find dark and depressing.

Most people prefer something a little brighter and contemporary. That would mean newer houses between 1 – 5 years old and these start around 45,000 bht. Depending on the location, size, décor, facilities etc. these can go up to anything from 150,000 – 250,000 baht per month. For that price, please do not accept anything less than a spectacular, resort-like villa with a private pool!

No, but seriously, you do get what you pay for so be realistic when it comes to expectations and budget. If you want something new and modern but lack the budget, then move further away from the city centre. Which also means further away from the BTS line. Unfortunately, we cannot have it all and something’s gotta give.

Generally, if you go further towards the end of the BTS line and beyond i.e. Mo Chit, Phayathai, Phrakanong, On Nut, Bangna, Srinakarin, Rangsit etc. prices drop significantly and you get much better deals which are sometimes worth the extra time commuting.

Is it possible to find a house for 15,000 bht?

Not many agencies deal with houses below 25,000 bht. Just search the various property website in Thailand and you will see that the minimum range for houses are 25,000 - 30,000 bht, where the search usually returns 0 - 5 results. Several reasons for that:

1) There are a lot less decent and rentable houses at < 25,000 bht than there are at say, 50,000 bht.

2) If there is, it is usually way out of town, far from any BTS/MRT station.

3) Most people want to live in town, close to the city centre, CBD or near a BTS/MRT station.

4) Apart from location, houses below 25,000 bht are usually older (thus old fashioned) and not very well-maintained, which makes it very hard to rent.

5) If a house is nice and decent with an asking rent of 25,000 bht or less, some agents mark it up!

Thus, it’s hard to find nice, decent houses at 25,000 bht or less…

Regardless, there are plenty of cheap houses as low as 12,000 bht for rent, but remember, and I stress again - you get what you pay for! And most 12,000 bht houses I’ve seen are usually in serious need of repair and maintenance, and the really nice ones are located way out in whoop whoop district.

I don’t care as long as rent is cheap. Where do I look?

Again, you won’t find any agents to help you there and finding that perfect yet cheap and nice house is undoubtedly the hardest step. It usually takes months of driving around moo baan after moo baan, which would mean having your own transport and knowing your way around.

The word “Moo Baan” translates to “village” in Thai, but the term “housing estate” would be far more accurate. These usually have a guard posted at the entrance and are situated all over Bangkok. These houses usually offer much better value than stand alone houses, and are a good place for the house hunter to start his/her search. Try areas like On Nut between Sukhumvit 77 – 103, Bangna, Rangsit, Ramintra, Phayathai, Mo chit etc.

Concerns and other issues

1) Security
Honestly, I know of many farangs, including myself who have lived in single houses and existed peacefully without any disturbances or trouble for years. I also do not know anyone who has been burgled personally because they were living in a house. Do you?
If you are considering renting a house and security is a main concern, rent a house in popular areas like Sukhumvit, Silom and Sathorn where there are many nearby apartments and condos with security. That way, you can benefit from the dense security in the neighbourhood.
Another option would be to opt for houses or townhouse within a “moo baan.” There are plenty around and majority of them have tight 24 hour security. Common sense would also tell me to explore the neighbourhood a little and have a chat with shopkeepers and a neighbour who might be willing to share some information with you. I’m sure you’ll have no problems getting a friendly neighbour to spill the beans on the house, its previous tenants and probably things you don’t need to know about your landlord. Welcome to Thailand!

2) Air conditioners
Check to see how many rooms have air-conditioning; and how old the air-conditioners are. If you are looking at an older house, chances are it will have those big, old blocks that rumble every time you turn them on. These old air-conditioners consume a lot more energy than a new one, and would greatly increase your electricity bills. It is also unlikely that the landlord will install new air-conditioners for you unless they are completely dead (even then they will always try to revive the monster before even considering replacing it), so make sure that they are serviced and cleaned before you move in or if you got a good deal on the rent, invest in some new airconditioners!

3) Water Pressure
Now this is important. Always check that there is a water pump. Then check the water pressure on the upper floors to make sure the pump has enough power to deliver a decent jet of shower. I’ve learnt from experience that size does not necessarily mean power when it comes to a water pump, and sometimes a 2nd pump needs to be installed to ensure constant deliverance of water into the house.

4) Telephone lines
Again, from experience it is in your best interest to check the phone lines to make sure that 1) you have one and 2) it is working, because some areas (and this includes many areas in the Sukhumvit, Silom and Sathorn) do not have anymore available numbers and you will have to join a looong waiting list to apply for a new one. Also, older houses above 10 years old tend to be on the old, analog system which when faulty, cannot be replaced unless the whole area is re-cabled. No telephone lines = no internet. You don’t ever want to be caught in that situation!

5) Maintenance
Houses within a secured compound will have what they call “moo baan fee” or “community fee” which goes into the maintenance of the estate i.e. security, pool and garden maintenance etc. This is usually included in the asking rent. However, if you try negotiating on the rent, then more often than not, the landlord will exclude this from the rent and make you pay for it, so check to see what your rent includes when you are signing the contract. This ranges between 20 - 45 bht per square metre. Thus, the larger your house the more you pay! I currently pay 3,500 baht per month for my “moo baan fee” (I got a 5000 bht reduction in rent, so it works out) and we have 24 hour security, a well-maintained common garden and a superb pool that is regularly cleaned, so I am happy.

At Bangkok Finder, we specialize in properties for rent. Home rental is our only business and that gives us all the time in the world to help find you that perfect house within your budget when you move to Bangkok. Our website features hundreds of houses and apartments for rent, and is updated daily with quality rental homes. Our negotiators have long established relationships with landlords, which means you will always pay the best rate when we negotiate for you.

Author: Maddy Barber

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Maddy Barber is founder of a professional property rental agency specializing in houses for rent in Bangkok. She has helped hundreds of expats and locals alike find their dream homes and her website is updated daily with hundreds of properties, including apartments and condos for rent. It also features a popular blog packed full of useful information for those new to Thailand. Her staff speaks English, Thai and Chinese.

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Shopping Tips

Department stores and a number of shops in Bangkok have fixed prices, but at most of others bargaining is acceptable and expected; some department stores will even offer a discount on expensive items like jewellery and fine furniture. No fixed rules can be given on the process depending as it does on the bargainer’s skill and the shopkeeper’s mood, but the final price may be reduced as much as 30% to that first quoted. An important point to keep in mind is that Thais admire good manners and a sense of humour and tend to be put off by a loss of temper. Providing you have the time, a good general rule is to make a survey of several shops selling the sort of items you want before coming to a final decision.

The Jewel Fest Club

Jewellery and gemstones from Thailand are also a favourite item for many visitors to the kingdom. Their beauty, quality craftmanship and reasonable price have earned Thai precious and semi-precious stones a worldwide reputation. Yet occasionally, there have been visitors who complained about the action of few unethical jewellers who persuaded them to purchase jewellery at an unreasonable price.

Through the cooperation of the Thai Gem and Jewellery Traders Association (TGJTA) and the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), the Jewel Fest Club has been established, bringing about 100 leading jewellery manufacturers and wholesalers. The club’s aim to offer quality products at reasonable prices with a money-back guarantee if buyers are not completely satisfied with their purchases.

When you purchase an item of jewellery from a store that is clearly identified as a member of the Jewel Fest Club, your purchase will be duly recorded, and a certificate detailing your purchase will be issued. Not only does this certificate of authenticity clearly state the nature and price of your purchase, it also guarantees your refund should you wish to return the purchase. Contact The Jewel Fest Club at Tel: 0 2630 1390-7, Fax: 0 2630 1398-9, or visit website :

Packing and Shipping Services

Thanks to the ever-increasing number of tourists coming to Thailand, most shops are experienced at shipping abroad and will attend to all the documents such as insurance, customs and necessary permits. The Central Post Office also offers a parcel-wrapping service for those who want to make small shipments themselves. For larger items or bulk shipments, there are several Bangkok companies who specialise in such matters.

VAT Refund

Visitors entering the Kingdom on tourist visas are entitled to refunds of the 7% value-added tax (VAT) paid on goods purchased at shops and department stores displaying “VAT Refund for Tourists” signs. The refund may be claimed if the claimed amounts in all P.P.10’s have been totaled 5,000 baht or over. Tourist is eligible to receive P.P.10 form when the total purchase of 2,000 baht or over is made from the same store on the same date. Before checking in at the international airport (Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Hat Yai, Phuket, Utapao), tourist must show your purchases, completed P.P.10 form and tax invoices to the Customs Officer for inspection. Certain luxury goods must be shown to an excise official. Refunds may be in bank draft form or credited to a credit card. For more information, please contact the VAT Refund for Tourists Office, Tel: 0 2272 9388, 0 2272 8195-8 or

Procedure on VAT Refund for Tourists
At the store
1. Shop at stores displaying "VAT Refund for Tourists" sign.
2. Spend at least 2,000 baht per store per day.
3. Present your passport and ask for a P.P.10 form (VAT Refund Application Form) immediately on the purchase date.
4. The total value of purchases (per person) as combined from all P.P.10's shall be at least 5,000 baht before you are eligible to claim a VAT refund.
At the airport
5. Let the Custom Officers check the purchased goods before you check in and have them sign all P.P.10's on the departure date.
6. Bring all P.P.10's and original tax invoices to claim your VAT refund at the VAT Refund Office after the Immigration Checkpoint.
7. Jewelry, gold ornaments, watches, glasses and pens, of which the value is 10,000 baht or over, shall be re-inspected at the VAT Refund Office again.
8. The purchased goods are required to be taken out of the country within 60 days since the purchase date through the International Airports.

Where to shop in Bangkok

Shopping in Bangkok is not limited to one or two major streets, but offers many areas throughout the city affording ample choice and easy access. The following is just a selection of some of the principal shopping districts.

  • Ploenchit-Ratchaprasong
    Top department stores and luxury shopping malls are concentrated in the area, namely central, Sogo, Gaysorn Plaza, Isetan, Zen, Amarin Plaza, Peninsula Plaza, All of which together make the largest shopping promenade in Bangkok. Furthermore, the Central World Plaza and Narayana Phand Pavillion, host the official handicraft centre selling items from all parts of the country. Ratchaprasong intersection is the gateway to several shopping areas such as Ploenchit-Sukhumvit, Siam Square-Mah Boon Krong, Silom and Pratunam-Phetchaburi.
  • Silom-Surawong-Patpong
    Silom Road is the main artery of Bangkok’s commercial heart and is paralleled by Surawong road, while Patpong runs crosswise between the two. In addition to housing dozens of specialist shops and boutiques representing all the major buys, this area also boasts many branches of well-known retailers and several shopping plazas. Street stalls also abound, most notably at Patpong’s famous night market
  • Silom-Mahesak-New road
    Silom leads into New Road which parallel the Chao Phraya River, and notable shopping opportunities include gems and jewellery stores (Mahesak road is a gem trading centre), Oriental Plaza and River City shopping complex.
  • Sukhumvit
    Like Silom, Sukhumvit is one of Bangkok’s main thoroughfares, and the long road is lined with shops, boutiques and modern shopping plazas ranging from Soi 3 (Nana Nua) up to Soi 63 (Ekamai). Most shops and restaurants are concentrated between Soi 3 and Soi 21 (Asoke) and along shortcuts between Asoke and Ekamai.
  • Chinatown
    Centre on Yaowarat Road and Sampheng Lane, Bangkok’s Chinatown offers a profusion or gold shops as well as two nearby traditional shopping places, Ban Mo Jewellery Street and Phahurat ClothMarket.
  • Bang Lamphu
    Situated close to the Grand Palace and Temple of the Emerald Buddha, Bang Lamphu has a lively market where clothing is a popular buy.
  • Pratunam-Phetchaburi
    A highlight in the distinct is Pratunam market, one of Bangkok’s biggest centres for ready-to-wear clothing.
  • Baiyoke Tower
    Located next to Bangkok’s tallest hotel building, Baiyoke Tower is one of the city’s renowned garment centres.
  • Nailert Market
    Situated close to Pratunum Market, Nai Lert Market is one of many shopping areas in Bangkok where you can buy just about everything from clothing to handicrafts.
  • Bo-Be Market
    Situated close to Bangkok Railway Station, Bo-be is one of the city’s renowned ready-to-wear clothing centres, both wholesale and retail.
  • Bangkok International Airport
    Centre for an extensive range of shops offering a full selection of Thailand’s top buys.
  • Chatuchak Weekend Market
    Located adjacent to Chatuchak Park, the weekend market, open on Saturday and Sunday, is a Bangkok landmark where you can buy just about everything from clothing to potted plants and everything in between—a paradise for browsers and bargain-hunters alike. Chatuchak Weekend Market also offers items of furniture and home decor. It is also where professional and amateur art-lovers and artists meet.

Wat Phra That Doi Kong Mu

Wat Phra That Doi Kong Mu
Erected by the first governor of Mae Hong Son, this temple reflects the strong influence of the Burmese. The highlights of this attraction are the two lavishly decorated pagodas. Also, this hilltop temple affords an exceptional aerial view of the city and surrounding mountains and valleys.


How to get the best returns from your Bangkok Property.

If you are investing in property and you want to sell or rent it out to get the best returns you should be aware of demand for properties in prime locations of Bangkok is still high particularly for units near mass-transit routes. Premium properties make good investments as many expatriates relocating to Thailand need residences within walking distance of the Skytrain or subway. So, where to find such buyers?

Try listing you premium property with premium agents whose majority of their clients are expat in Thailand and highly educated professional Thai. Agents who market properties on different quality channels to maximize the exposure of properties to premium buyers. Agents who have professional sales teams facilitate premium buyers to visit your property and also offer you concrete suggestions for improving the chances of a sale.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Dara Samui Beach Resort Spa Hotel Koh Samui Island

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The Island of Koh Samui deception on the gulf of Thailand. It is renowned for its ssidey vegetation. The island with its beaches, bays, capes and brilliant beautiful beauty is a must reside for travelers. If you want to like your reside in Koh Samui you should reside the Chaweng Islands which is the highest island of Koh Samui. You will get good accommodation at the Dara Samui shore route and Spa lodge in Koh Samui Island.

Dara Samui shoreline choice and Spa lodge in Koh Samui Island is a paradise on earth. The hotel provides comfort and luxury to the guests who come here for whole relaxation of both tend and body. The setting of Dara Samui shoreline choice and Spa lodge in Koh Samui Island is very strategic. The hotel is sited very pivotally on the foremost beach of Thailand. This pivotal site enables the guests to not only tour curved the city of Koh Samui but also take part in lot of beach activities as well.

The convenient extent Facilities at Dara Samui shoreline choice and Spa lodge in Koh Samui Island present a relaxed and comfortable halt to the guests. There are three foremost window types at Dara Samui shoreline choice and Spa lodge in Koh Samui Island. You have the decision of choosing from advanced windows, Villas and sumptuous suites at the hotel.

The Dara Samui shore route and Spa lodge in Koh Samui Island is a five star hotel. The lodge military and navy at Dara Samui shore route and Spa lodge in Koh Samui comprise assorted activities for recreation. You can relax while receiving a rubdown at the Dara Samui Spa. You can like the tang therapy at the Spa along with other traditional practices worn for medicinal. anyway the hotel also has an exotic dining place for the guests. The restaurants assist Lanna sea food in open air.

The Dara Samui seaside choice and Spa lodge in Koh Samui follows the traditional practices of Thailand. This hotel is not only elegant in its architectural panache but also has International management panel of Thai, American and European nationalists to take control of the guests.

From what you have read so far, determine if this article has answered any of the questions that you had on this complicated subject.

The Dara Samui coast route and Spa lodge in Koh Samui Island is a five star hotel. The lodge navy and military at Dara Samui coast route and Spa lodge in Koh Samui comprise countless activities for recreation. You can relax while receiving a rubdown at the Dara Samui Spa. You can have the tang therapy at the Spa along with other traditional practices worn for curative. moreover the hotel also has an exotic dining freedom for the guests. The restaurants provide Lanna sea food in open air.

The Dara Samui coast route and Spa lodge in Koh Samui follows the traditional practices of Thailand. This hotel is not only elegant in its architectural fashion but also has International management bunch of Thai, American and European nationalists to take tending of the guests.

hence among the other lodges in Koh Samui Island in Thailand Dara Samui seaside choice and Spa lodge tenders a good profit for the money. Of all the lodges in Thailand, the lodges in Koh Samui tenders the best army to International guests.

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Tips for Investing in Bangkok Real Estate

Investing in real estate is something that promises you great returns on your investment. Of the many countries, Bangkok is considered to be one of the best places to make a real estate investment as real estate here is affordable. With different types of Bangkok condos, Bangkok apartments and Bangkok service apartments for you to choose from for your investment, you find making the right choice to be rather difficult.

Basically, foreigners are apprehensive to make investments in Bangkok as foreigners are not permitted to make investments in real estate in Bangkok. However Bangkok condos have grown increasingly popular in foreigners to Bangkok. The main reason for this popularity in Bangkok condos is that it is legal as a foreigner to buy Bangkok condos.

There are some benefits to buying Bangkok condos where the main benefit is that it can draw a monthly paycheck for you. This benefit is not only provided with your investment in Bangkok condos, but also for investments made in Bangkok apartments. Not only can you buy Bangkok condos and Bangkok apartments as an investment, you can also buy it for you to live in.

Whatever the reason may be for your buying Bangkok condos and Bangkok apartments, it is very important that you do sufficient research on it. It would be better if you enlisted the help of a lawyer for guidance on making your investment. With the help of the lawyer, you will be able to follow all legality issues related to making an investment in Bangkok.

Even if you are interested in building your own Bangkok condos complex, with the help of a lawyer, you will be able to find the best developer for the project. You can also find out more about a developer with the help of the lawyer to ensure that you get maximum satisfaction and profit with your Bangkok condos.

In addition to Bangkok condos and Bangkok apartments, the commercial expansion in Bangkok over the past few years has led to an increased popularity in Bangkok serviced apartments. These Bangkok services apartments are more popular amongst frequent travelers, business executives in Bangkok for a short stay, families making a trip to Bangkok and for those looking for a base before shifting to Bangkok for good.

Some of the Bangkok serviced apartments offer services similar to those available in top class hotels while others offer the comforts you expect from your home. You may find a fully equipped kitchen, individual lounge and dining room areas and other conveniences to create a home away from home experience when in Bangkok.

You can book Bangkok serviced apartments for a single night or for 12 months and this booking may be made on the same day, or perhaps months in advance. The greatest advantage of Bangkok serviced apartments over Bangkok condos and Bangkok apartments is that it offers the best of accommodation in its rooms and facilities. Of course, this comes at a price, which proves to be worth it over the course of time.

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and Bangkok Serviced Apartments for rent and sale in and
around Bangkok

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Becasue I Like It

If you are crazy about vintage watches like me and you are looking some reliable vintage watches stores in Bangkok. I recommend " Because I Like It" located at the third floor Siam Center. I got Omega Speed Master Moon Watch cal.861 circa 1971 from the shop at very good price and very good condition.

Look for the owner" Mr. Pete" (he is very very nice0 and you will get full of knowledge about watches and may be you get some new old stock watches produced from 1940-1970 like Rolex, Omega, Hauer, Breitling and Zenith. He specializes in second hand chrono, vintage chrono , Omega, Rolex. pockte and character watches. Getting there is easy just catch BTS and go to Siam Center, get off at Siam Station.

Getting The Most Of Your Phuket Second Home Purchase

It's a well known fact; we just don't have the time we would like to spend at our second holiday home or apartment. So how do we get the most out of our Phuket holiday home purchase? Here are a few great tips and tricks to get the most out of your holiday home, apartment, condo or villa.

Visiting your Phuket real estate in shoulder season when the weather is still good but there aren't many tourists is a great way to get a few extra weeks of use out of your Phuket apartment or condo. Most likely, unless you found someone to rent the unit out all year round, the apartment will be vacant because of the under supply in high season and the oversupply in low season. This is a wonderful time to use your apartment while still keeping it available for high season rental. Months that are good shoulder are May and November.

Another great way to maximize your purchase is if you get a long term renter to let them stay all year round and rent an inexpensive bungalow if your visit is less than one month. Many people believe that they have to stay in their unit or their personal Phuket condo because it's theirs and that's the reason they bought it. Most project owners have a tough time getting a low season renter so if you get one let them rent your unit and see if the project owner will put you up in a similar unit while on your stay on the island. Never kick out a long term renter just because you want to stay a few weeks in your own personal unit.

Another great way to get time in your condo if to talk with the project owners to find out when the slowest times of the year are and try to plan your visits during the very slow periods. The reason for this is not only will things be cheaper like food but also thing like motorcycle or car rental will also be lower. Many airlines also discount flights during this time and there are many last minute specials for travel. Many people who do not live on the island full time don't realize that there are many low season discounts like on food, entrainment car rental and even some tours. Low season tourists like many Chinese and Indians are now visiting Phuket on low season group tours.

In summary, visiting Phuket during off season and leaving your Phuket rental profitable in high season will allow you more time in your Phuket apartment or home and save you money.

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Scott Riefler is an expert in dealing with Phuket Real Estate and finance related matters. He has written several informative articles on topics like mortgage, home refinancing, real estate loans and real estate insurance. He regularly contributes articles to web guides on real estate and home refinancing. You can sign up for my newsletter at: Phuket apartments

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Foreign Ownership Rules for Condos in Bangkok

Owning a condominium, or, condo unit, is regarded as the easiest as well as the most practical way for foreigners to acquire a property in Bangkok. In other words, condo is perhaps the biggest and most favored investment option for foreigners who prefer to stay in Bangkok.

Purchasing a condo in Bangkok is comparatively cheap in contrast to other Asian cities such as Singapore, Hong Kong, and Shanghai. When it costs billions of dollars for a typical condominium unit in cities like Hong Kong and Singapore, you can easily own a condominium complete with luxurious bedrooms and facilities such as swimming pool, for just around $700,000.

However, condominium investment in Bangkok is mostly based on the spot where it is located as well as the convenient transportation. For instance, condominium complexes located in such posh areas as central business district (CBD), BTS, and MRT stations are much sought after.

Since they can considerably cut down the transportation cost and can eliminate the chaos of traveling to and fro your work place, condos located close to Skytrain and subway routes are also of great demand. Likewise, condominium units near strategic shopping areas including Sathorn, Silom, Sukhumvit areas, and Rama III areas are also much preferred by the foreigners.

Depending upon the buyers' taste, budget, and choice of location, condominium units in Bangkok come in a myriad of options such as small studios, three-bedroom complexes, and penthouses. Majority of the condo property found in the city's areas like Sathorn and Sukhumvit, and vary in size between 55 to 60 sqm and 75 to 80 sqm. For investors seeking luxurious condominiums, then a myriad of high-end choices are available in the form of three-bedroom units, ranging in size between 100 sqm to 120 sqm and 140 sqm to 200 sqm.

When comes to prices, the cost of a condo unit in prime areas such as Silom and Sukhumvit are about Bt100, 000 per square meter. Investing in these strategic locations have high resale value, and can also fetch you good income in the form of rent. The prices are even higher for condominiums located in areas including Soi Langsuan and Wireless, Rajdamri or Sathorn roads, which is up to about Bt200, 000 per square meter. The demand for condominium is at its peak now in the capital city. Nowadays, many investors, both foreigners and locals, purchase condos in Bangkok pre-build.

According to certain records, foreign investors have been accounted for about 15% of all condo units bought and sold last year in Bangkok. Factors such as low rates on mortgages, excess liquidity in the financial and banking system and tremendous boom in stock market have led many foreigners to invest in condominiums in Bangkok.

Above all, the laws pertaining to owning a condominium is quite simple and liberal when compared to other Asian cities. In other words, a condominium or condo is the only type of property that can be legally purchased by a foreigner in Thailand. The only restriction for a foreigner to purchase a condo is that a foreigner can normally acquire up to, but not exceeding 49% of a condo property.

However, in order to qualify for condominium ownership or buy a condo unit in Thailand, it is mandatory for the foreigners to meet any of the five criteria put forward by the Condominium Act B.E 2535 (1992) such as:

- To possess a residence permit
- A foreigner with the permit to stay in Thailand according to the Investment Promotion Law
- Foreigner who is able to bring in the entire money for purchasing the condominium unit in the country in foreign currency
- Foreign juristic entity with BOI privileges in the country
- Foreign juristic person possessing some land right as per stated in the Land Code
In addition, there are certain requirements for purchasing a condominium in Thailand, such as, the foreigner must have a bank account in the country and a copy of the foreigners' passport showing an immigration stamp that he or she is in the country at the time of the purchase of a condominium.

Mostly, foreigners own a condominium unit in the city by bringing in 100% of funds for the purchase of condo unit in foreign currency. Further, it is necessary that funds that have been used for the purchase of condominium are correctly recorded on a Foreign Exchange Transaction Form, which is a bank account issued by the bank on receiving foreign currency into your bank account in the country. It is also important to state in the Foreign Exchange Transaction Form that the remittance has been solely made for the purchase of a condominium in Thailand.

A plethora of property builders and realtors are in the scenario to find you a condominium unit that goes with your requirements. Today, many of them have their own sites on the web, inclusive detailed description on property, digital photos of the property, detailed floor plan, and a location map. This in turn allows you to easily select a condominium according to your taste and pocket.

Author: Wantanee Khamkongkaew

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Wantanee K. is an independent author evaluating and commenting on leading International Property Consultants in Thailand, especially CB Richard Ellis.

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Selected Properties of The Month: Life Condo

Each month (if poosible) I will select properties for your consideration. This month I recommend Life Condominiums as the best value properties for either investment or residency.

Located within walking distance, less than 300 meters, to the mass transit lines, the condominiums offer you fully furnished units with sumptuous bedrooms, luxury living area and excellent bathrooms. Available from studios to 2 bedrooms, size starting from 30-62 sqm.

The projects are available to choose from huge range of Bangkok’s prime locations of Bangkok – Sukhumvit 65, Sathorn 10, Phaholyothin 18, Ratchada-Ladprao – and many more locations available which all of them are worth the prices compared with there locations. So I rate the projects as the best value property at the best locations and at reasonable prices for either investment or residency. If you are interetsed in Life Condo, please contact real estate agents near you.

What you should buy in Sukhothai

Thung Luang Terra Cotta

Gold and Silver Ornaments Ancient-looking gold and silver products of Si Satchanalai district are entirely hand-made by distinguished skilled workers.

Sangkhalok Ceramics

Sangkhalok ceramics are best bought newly made since they are as beautiful as the original.

Hat Siao Fabric

Hat Siao is a village in Si Satchanalai disrict. It is famous for handwoven cloth. Hat Siao fabric comes with an embossed-end, done by people who are the descendants of Thai Phuan who migrated from Laos. The fabric is available in many shops in Si Satchanalai.

Fried Peanuts

Fried peanuts of Si Samrong district, also called 200-year fried peanuts are a tribute to a technique which has been inherited for many generations.


Wat Phra That Doi Tung

Wat Phra That Doi Tung

Wat Phra That Doi Tung is situated on top of Doi Tung Mountain, the highest mountain in Chiang Rai Province with an elevation of approximately 2,000 meters, about 50 kilometers south of Mae Sai town which is near the Myanmar border. The temple can be reached via a 40-kilometer mountain road which meanders along the mountainside. The journey is worthwhile as the panoramic views into Laos and Myanmar at the peak are spectacular.

Wat Phra That Doi Tung was constructed in the 10th century and was renovated by Chiang Rai's most famous ruler King Mengrai during the 13th century and by the famous Chiang Mai monk, Khru Ba Siwichai, at the turn of the 20th century.

The temple complex is comprised of twin Lanna style chedis, one of which is said to contain the left collarbone of the Lord Buddha. Throughout the year, the holy relic draws devout Buddhists from all over Thailand, Laos and Myanmar.


Bangkok's urtra properties for ultra hight net worth individuals

It seems that the global economic slump has brought many home buyers to a halt but the rich is getting richer and they are pushing exclusive property markets to even higher.

In North America, the regions most affected by the economic slowdown, the number of ultra-high net worth individuals was still on the rise by 4.2 percent whereas the number of European tycoons was growth by 3.4 percent.

The huge purchasing power of the world’s richest people is driving the prices of the Bangkok’s luxury properties. In Thailand, premium property prices are showing strong signs of a rocket increase. The Sukhothai Residences is renowned as the most expensive condominiums in Bangkok with the price of US$10,400/square meter.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Foreign Buyers Guide: Property in Thailand

Buying a condominium in Thailand
The easiest choice of foreigners to buy a property in Thailand is buying a condominium. The only restrictions applied to foreigners on buying a condominium are that the percentage of units sold to foreigner must not be over forty nine percent (49%) of total amounts of units in the condominium and the funds used to purchase the condominium have been remitted from abroad and recorded as such by any Thai Banks on a Tor Tor Sam which is an official bank document issued by the receiving bank upon the receipt of foreign currency into a bank account in Thailand

A foreigner must request a Tor Tor Sam from a bank when he or she is remitting funds to Thailand in order to purchase a condominium, and the Tor Tor Sam must specify that the remittance is solely for the purpose of purchasing a property

A certificate of ownership will be given to the owner of each condominium with statement stating that how many percentages of rights over the common areas of the building each owner poses

Owning a House and Land in Thailand
According to Thai law, any person can register any type of building in their own name; therefore a foreigner can own a building on the land and may register such ownership local district’s Land Office. Certainty of possession of land and house is assured by being the owner of the house. If arranged in this manner, then the house will be separate from the land, and will not be a component part under Civil Law.

It is clearly stated under Thai law that foreigner cannot own freehold land except the following conditions

- Become a Thai resident/citizen
- Receive an inheritance the total area including the land which has or has not been acquired must not over 1 Rai (1,600 sqm.) for a residential purpose
- Bringing the money not less than forty million Baht into Thailand for investment to the amount as prescribed in the Ministerial Regulation, which shall be not less than Baht forty million and the land which has been acquired must not over 1 Rai (1,600 sqm.) for a residential purpose
- Acquisition of land applying under other laws such as the Promotion of Investment Act, B.E. 2520 (1977), the Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand Act, B.E. 2522 (1979), the Petroleum Act, B.E. 2514 (1971).
- A foreigners can have a 30 year lease with a prepaid option to renew for a further two times of 30 years each
- Usufruct Interest, which is limited to a 30 year maximum period with an option to renew, allows a foreigner temporary ownership rights to things on or arising from the land. Usufruct Interest expires upon the death of the holder and cannot be inherited but it cane be sold or transferred
- Any company with more than 40% foreign interest buys land will be investigated by the Central Land Office in Bangkok to assure that the company has not been established in an attempt to avoid the prohibition against foreign ownership of land.

Title Deeds in Thailand
In Thailand there are four types of Land Title that commonly used as evidences of land ownership, possessory rights an other interests in land;

a Chanote (Title Deed) which is a certificate for ownership of land. People having their name shown on the deeds have the legal right to the land, and can use them as evidence to confirm the right to government authorities;

Nor Sor Sam Kor (Confirmed Cerificate of Use)

This kind of certificate certifies that the person named on the certificate has the confirmed right to use the land, implying all requirements for the issuance of the title deed have been met and issuance of the deed is pending. They may be sold, leased, used as mortgage collateral and etc. The holder of this certificate cannot leave the land unattended for more than 12 years.

Nor Sor Sam (Cerificate of Use)

Similar to the Confirmed Certificate of Use except that not all of the formalities to certify the right to use have been performed. Before a transfer can be achieved, a notice of intent must be posted and then 30 days public notice is required before any change of status over the land can be registered.

Sor Kor Nung (Certificate of Possession)

This kind of certificate recognizes that a person is in possession of land but the Certificate does not imply that there are any rights associated with the possession. This kind of certificate is not transferable, but a person in possession may transfer physical possession and the new possessor may apply for a new Certificate of Possession.

Getting a Mortgage Loan
In Thailand, foreigners cannot mortgage properties. However, most of the financial institutions provide loans for property purchasing to Thais and Thai companies. Generally, a property developer arranges customers a financing package from a financial institution. In most property development projects, a down payment can be done in installments from 10 to 24 months. Then, the sale contract will be made and the balance amount is paid through the loan which is financed from a financial institution after the down payment has been paid. A buyer is required by the financial institution to mortgage the property with it as collateral against the loan.

Land Appraisals and Valuations
It is difficult to find the exact appraisal price for land because there are there different appraisals rates the government rate, the appraisal company's rate and the fair market value of the land

Things you should consider before renting, leasing or purchasing property
There are many infrastructure and other considerations you need to consider you when you are renting, leasing or purchasing property:

Cable or Satellite TV connection
Pest Control
Hot water facilities
Air Conditioning
White Goods

Can my Thai wife own Land?
The recent Ministerial regulation gives the right to Thai national's married to foreigners to purchase land. However, the Thai spouse must be able to prove that the money used in the purchase of freehold land is legally solely theirs with no foreign claim to it.

Property Taxes in Thailand
In Thailand, there are no property taxes that are exactly equivalent to the property taxes in the western countries. However, the most comparable taxes on properties are the Land Tax and the Structures Usage Tax which is collected by the municipal office or district office, and applied to properties used for commercial purpose

What Taxes and Costs are Applicable to Purchasing a Property?
In Thailand, whenever a property in Thailand is bought and sold, there are four kinds of tax that need to be taken into account.

Land registration (transfer fee) of 2.0% of assessed value of the land.

Stamp Duty/Fee of 0.5% of the assessed value or the sale price - whichever is higher.

Specific Business Tax of 3.3% of the assessed value or the sale price - whichever is higher - this will be applied to all sales by companies and to any private sales that occur within 5 years of the date of purchase.

Income Tax which is calculated on a very complex formula according to the assessed value of the property, the length of time owned and the applicable personal income tax rate.

Source: Basic information you should know before buying a property in Thailand!


  1. Generally, a foreign citizen who wishes to enter the Kingdom of Thailand is required to obtain a visa from a Royal Thai Embassy or a Royal Thai Consulate-General. However, nationals of certain countries do not require a visa if they meet visa exemption requirements as follows:
    1. they are nationals of countries which are exempted from visa requirements when entering Thailand for tourism purposes. Such nationals will be permitted to stay in the Kingdom for a period of not exceeding 30 days. For more information, please see Tourist Visa Exemption;
    2. they are nationals of countries which hold bilateral agreements with Thailand on the exemption of visa requirements. For more information, please see List of Countries which have Concluded Agreements with Thailand on the Exemption of Visa Requirements .
  2. Nationals of certain countries may apply for visa upon arrival in Thailand. Travellers with this type of visa are permitted to enter and stay in Thailand for a period of not exceeding 15 days. For more information, please see Visa on Arrival.
  3. Travellers travellling from/through countries which have been declared Yellow Fever Infected Areas must acquire an International Health Certificate verifying the receiving of a Yellow Fever vaccination. For more information, please see List of Countries which are Declared Yellow Fever Infected Areas.
  4. Nationals of certain countries are required to apply for a visa only at the Royal Thai Embassy or the Royal Thai Consulate-General in the applicant?s country of residence, or at the Royal Thai Embassy which has jurisdiction over his or her country of residence. Travellers are advised to enquire about authorised office for visa issuance at any Royal Thai Embassy or Royal Thai Consulate-General before departure. Contact details and locations of Royal Thai Embassies and Royal Thai Consulates-General are available at
  5. To apply for a visa, a foreigner must possess a valid passport or travel document that is recognised by the Royal Thai Government and comply with the conditions set forth in the Immigration Act of Thailand B.E.2522 (1979) and its relevant regulations. In addition, the visa applicant must be outside of Thailand at the time of application. The applicant will be issued with a type of visa in accordance to his or her purpose of visit. For more information on types of visas and general requirements for each type of visa, please see Types of Visa and Issuance of Visa.
  6. In general, applicants are required to apply for a visa in person. However, Royal Thai Embassies and Royal Thai Consulates-General in some countries and in some cases may also accept applications sent through representatives, authorised travel agencies or by post. Please enquire at the Royal Thai Embassy or Royal Thai Consulate-General where you intend to submit your application of acceptable ways of application.
  7. Please note that the period of visa validity is different from the period of stay. Visa validity is the period during which a visa can be used to enter Thailand. In general, the validity of a visa is 3 months, but in some cases, visas may be issued to be valid for 6 months, 1 year or 3 years. The validity of a visa is granted with discretion by the Royal Thai Embassy or Royal Thai Consulate-General and is displayed on the visa sticker.
  8. On the other hand, the period of stay is granted by an immigration officer upon arrival at the port of entry and in accordance with the type of visa. For example, the period of stay for a transit visa is not exceeding 30 days, for a tourist visa is not exceeding 60 days and for a non-immigrant visa is not exceeding 90 days from the arrival date. The period of stay granted by the immigration officer is displayed on the arrival stamp. Travellers who wish to stay longer than such period may apply for extension of stay at offices of the Immigration Bureau in Bangkok, located at Soi Suan Plu, South Sathorn Road, Bangkok 10120, Tel 02-2873101-10 or at an Immigration office located in the provinces. For information on application for extension of stay, see the Immigration Bureau website at
  9. Foreigners entering Thailand are not permitted to work, regardless of their types of visa, unless they are granted a work permit. Those who intend to work in Thailand must hold the correct type of visa to be eligible to apply for a work permit. Information on Work Permit applications could be obtained from the website of the Office of Foreign Workers Administration, Department of Employment, Ministry of Labour at
  10. Royal Thai Embassies and Royal Thai Consulates-General have the authority to issue visas to foreigners for travel to Thailand. The authority to permit entry and stay in Thailand, however, is with the immigration officers. In some cases, the immigration officer may not permit foreigner holding a valid visa entry into Thailand should the immigration officer find reason to believe that he or she falls into the category of aliens prohibited from entering Thailand under the Immigration Act B.E. 2522 (1979).
  11. According to the Immigration Act of Thailand B.E. 2522 (1979), foreigners who fall into any of the following categories are prohibited to enter Thailand:
    1. Having no genuine valid passport or document used in lieu of passport; or having a genuine valid passport or document used in lieu of passport without valid visa issuance by the Royal Thai Embassies, the Royal Thai Consulates-General or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, with exception of those who meet visa exemption requirements. The terms and conditions of visa issuance and visa exemption are prescribed by the Ministerial Regulations.
    2. Having no appropriate means of living following entry into the Kingdom.
    3. Having entered the Kingdom to be employed as an unskilled or untrained labourer, or to work in violation of the Alien Work Permit Law.
    4. Being mentally unstable or having any of the diseases stated in the Ministerial Regulations.
    5. Having not yet been vaccinated against smallpox; or inoculated, or undergone any other medical treatment for protection against disease; and having refused to have such vaccinations administered by the Immigration Doctor.
    6. Having been imprisoned by judgment of the Thai Court; or by lawful injunction or judgment of the Court of a foreign country, except for when the penalty is for a petty offence, or negligence, or is provided for as an exception by the Ministerial Regulations.
    7. Having behaviour which could cause possible danger to the public; or having the likelihood of being a nuisance or constituting any violence to the peace, safety and security of the public or to the security of the nation; or being under warrant of arrest by competent officials of foreign governments.
    8. Reason to believe that entry into Kingdom is for the purpose of being involved in prostitution, the trafficking of women or children, drug smuggling, or other types of smuggling which are against public morality.
    9. Having no money or bond as prescribed by the Minister under Section 14 of the Immigration Act B.E. 2522 (1979).
    10. Being a person prohibited by the Minister under Section 16 of the Immigration Act B.E. 2522 (1979).
    11. Being deported by either the Government of Thailand or that of other foreign countries; or having been revoked the right of stay in the Kingdom or in foreign countries; or having been expelled from the Kingdom by competent officials at the expense of the Government of Thailand unless exemption is provided by the Minister on an individual basis.

      Source: Minnistry of Foreign Affairs, King Dom of Thailand

Relocating to Bangkok


You have to assure your passports have at least six months validity before entering Thailand. Also, making multiple copies of your passports and keep them separate from the original is recommended

Visas & work permits

You must organize visas and work permits for yourself and your family. Click here to find more information about immigration

Other documents

Making copies of your important documents such as birth, marriage and divorce certificates; education degrees & transcripts; resumes; tax & insurance is highly recommend you will need the originals for renewing visas, opening bank accounts, obtaining work permits, tax requirements and any embassy business Taking passport-sized photographs is a good idea as they are required for schools, visas, work permits, bank accounts and other formalities

Taking passport-sized photographs is a good idea as they are required for schools, visas, work permits, bank accounts and other formalities


Advice recommendation from your doctor for current immunization/vaccination requirements if it is needed


It is recommended using the services of a reputable international moving company in your country

Temporary accommodation

Probably the most important of the decisions you will have to make when you arrive in a new country is where to stay. Fortunately, finding a place to stay in Bangkok is not a big problem.

Staying in Hotels is a good idea as temporary accommodation upon arrival. You can find a number of hotels in Bangkok ranging from back street guest house to the deluxe hotels like Hilton. Staying in serviced apartments is also an alternative to hotel until you have found your new home.

Long term accommodation

The types of accommodation available in Bangkok are variety ? Condominiums, Apartments, house ? you name it, and the areas expatriates live in are diverse. If you are relocating to Bangkok, try to stay close to the skytrain (BTS) or subway route (MRT); silom, sukhumvit or Chitlom, area are recommended.

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Wora Bura Resort & Spa Hotels Hua Hin

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The Wora Bura choice and Spa Hua Hin in Hua Hin is one of the best 5 Star lodges in Hua Hin in Thailand. The Wora Bura choice and Spa Hua Hin in Hua Hin is a city in itself. The architecture of the Wora Bura choice and Spa Hua Hin is a wonderful fusion of Thailand and European architecture of the 19th century. The Wora Bura choice and Spa Hua Hin in Hua Hin is situated on the Gulf of Siam. The scene of Wora Bura choice and Spa Hua Hin in Hua Hin is on the coastside. The Wora Bura choice and Spa Hua Hin in Hua Hin deception on the Nonggare-Khao Takiap street.

The inside lodge army and military at Wora Bura choice and Spa Hua Hin in Hua Hin comprise the Wora Spa, swimming band, form base, recreational activities like mountain biking, sand volleysphere, trade base, kid's disco. The outside lodge army and military at Wora Bura choice and Spa Hua Hin in Hua Hin embrace golf-course arrangement, sea kayaking, snorkeling,sea canoe, Thai cooking lessons.

The Wora Bura choice and Spa Hua Hin in Hua Hin houses 77 guest quarters. In addition it offers suites and villas. The scope Facilities at Wora Bura choice and Spa Hua Hin in Hua Hin embrace air conditioning, brown and tea making army, Internet access, inarea cautious, minibar, hairdryer, bath or toweling robes, refrigerator, International IDD telephone.

The Wora Bura choice and Spa Hua Hin in Hua Hin houses a spa called the Wora Spa. The spa provides facilities like medicine quarters, sauna, heated whirlmerge or Jacuzzi, divide steam quarters for ladies and gents, beauty gathering and altering quarters. The Wora Bura choice and Spa Hua Hin in Hua Hin has many assembly quarters of different capacities and a fantastic globe scope.

The conference quarters are facilitated with sound systems, film, fax, screens, projectors, corner lighting. The Wora Bura option and Spa Hua Hin in Hua Hin is the best place to bill in on a holiday by the sea.

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The Wora Bura remedy and Spa Hua Hin in Hua Hin houses a spa called the Wora Spa. The spa provides facilities like care quarters, sauna, heated whirlmerge or Jacuzzi, detached steam quarters for ladies and gents, beauty gathering and shifting quarters. The Wora Bura remedy and Spa Hua Hin in Hua Hin has many gathering quarters of different capacities and a complete globe extent.

The conference quarters are facilitated with sound systems, film, fax, screens, projectors, corner lighting. The Wora Bura option and Spa Hua Hin in Hua Hin is the best place to bill in on a holiday by the sea.

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Vogue Resort Spa Ao Nang Hotels Krabi Thailand

Are you looking out for a luxury boutique hotel that would inspire you with its mannerable outlook, stimulating designs, authentic cookery things, rebreezying chairs and great amusement? If your answer is yes, then press your bags and stay the lovely resort of the mode remedy and Spa lodge Ao Nang in Krabi. The lovely limitedes along with the lush arrangements make it the best and the most favorite among destination among the lodges in Krabi in Thailand.

The trend option and Spa lodge Ao Nang in Krabi was previously identified as trend Pranang Bay option and Spa. The trend option and Spa Ao Nang in Krabi is a gorgeous resort situated on the crest amidst the spotless beauty of the makeup. The hotel is certainly accessible from the airport. The township is situated 17 kilometers from the hotel and the airport is 34 kilometers. The spot of trend option and Spa lodge Ao Nang in Krabi is close to the beaches. The trend option and Spa lodge Ao Nang in Krabi overlooks the grimy seashore of AO Nang that can be sighted from the extent of the hotel.

The mode remedy and Spa lodge Ao Nang in Krabi is intended in a really Lanna manner which is really ensnaring. The hotel is skillfully crafted with lovely designs and is bordered with ardent attribute. reward the breezy air of the atmosphere as you elect to retreat in this magnificent hotel.

The span facilities at create option and Spa lodge Ao Nang in Krabi are elegantly furnished and comprises of a exclusive loggia. revere the important military and military that are existing by the hotel.

The lodge tunes and army at create option and Spa lodge Ao Nang in Krabi are customized to suffer the wishes of both the concern and the leisure travelers. The military contain dining and recreation. The restaurants supply the guests with a number of lip spanking dishes from the regional and international cookery. There is a swimming share and utter of art spa for the remoistment of the guests. Other military contain laundry and car military.

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The extent facilities at devise remedy and Spa lodge Ao Nang in Krabi are trendily furnished and comprises of a concealed gallery. treasure the pertinent navy and navy that are open by the hotel.

The lodge tunes and military at mode remedy and Spa lodge Ao Nang in Krabi are customized to endure the requests of both the matter and the leisure travelers. The military contain dining and recreation. The restaurants achieve the guests with a number of lip smack dishes from the limited and international fare. There is a swimming puddle and pomp of art spa for the rebreezyment of the guests. Other military contain laundry and car military.

foster your dreams that would come real while staying in the create option and Spa lodge Ao Nang in Krabi that treats you with property tune and comfortable accommodation.

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