Thursday, November 13, 2008

Getting The Most Of Your Phuket Second Home Purchase

It's a well known fact; we just don't have the time we would like to spend at our second holiday home or apartment. So how do we get the most out of our Phuket holiday home purchase? Here are a few great tips and tricks to get the most out of your holiday home, apartment, condo or villa.

Visiting your Phuket real estate in shoulder season when the weather is still good but there aren't many tourists is a great way to get a few extra weeks of use out of your Phuket apartment or condo. Most likely, unless you found someone to rent the unit out all year round, the apartment will be vacant because of the under supply in high season and the oversupply in low season. This is a wonderful time to use your apartment while still keeping it available for high season rental. Months that are good shoulder are May and November.

Another great way to maximize your purchase is if you get a long term renter to let them stay all year round and rent an inexpensive bungalow if your visit is less than one month. Many people believe that they have to stay in their unit or their personal Phuket condo because it's theirs and that's the reason they bought it. Most project owners have a tough time getting a low season renter so if you get one let them rent your unit and see if the project owner will put you up in a similar unit while on your stay on the island. Never kick out a long term renter just because you want to stay a few weeks in your own personal unit.

Another great way to get time in your condo if to talk with the project owners to find out when the slowest times of the year are and try to plan your visits during the very slow periods. The reason for this is not only will things be cheaper like food but also thing like motorcycle or car rental will also be lower. Many airlines also discount flights during this time and there are many last minute specials for travel. Many people who do not live on the island full time don't realize that there are many low season discounts like on food, entrainment car rental and even some tours. Low season tourists like many Chinese and Indians are now visiting Phuket on low season group tours.

In summary, visiting Phuket during off season and leaving your Phuket rental profitable in high season will allow you more time in your Phuket apartment or home and save you money.

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