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Ekkamon Mansion

Ekkamon Mansion offer daily and monthly room rental. Equipped with airconditioning, cable TV, refregerator, kingsize bed, closet and balcony, electric shower inside bathroom in Soi PHang Nga 2 (behind Metropole Hotel). Close to shopping center like Phuket Square, Phuket Expo, Bus terminal to other provinces. Tel : +6676 230074, 66818929191

Buddy Samui Boutique Hotel

Reward yourself and Stay with us at Buddy Samui Boutique Hotel

Newly Opening !

Buddy Samui Boutique Hotel (Buddy Lamai Beach), the luxurious boutique style hotel is conveniently situated on Lamai Beach, Koh Samui, a region known for its spectacular natural beauty along the south of Thailand where are most visited by foreign tourists.

The Buddy Samui Boutique Hotel is conveniently situated on the prized location within the famous "Lamai Beach", approximately a fifty minutes flight South of Bangkok and twenty five minutes transportation from Samui Airport.

The hotel designed brand new Buddy Boutique Hotel, commanding a charming beach front location of Lamai Beach, Koh Samui. Our Hotel management ensures that your stay will be memorable and enjoyable whether it is family vacation or a romantic tropical gateway.

The hotel features over 133 rooms and essential services under 6 colonial styles with wooden decorated and architectures in an open combines sumptuous comfort facilities with wondrous traditional boutique style.

Awaiting guests to our luxurious accommodation, all spacious rooms with private balconies offering panoramic sea views and set within beach front easily access to the white sand Lamai Beach.

Buddy Samui has plenty of parking and easy accessible by public and just across the street. Buddy Samui Boutique Hotel is formally opened in 2008.

Buddy Samui Boutique Hotel desiring the luxurious and comfort hotel provides well-appointed guest rooms, delightfully welcome to a range of dining and entertainment such as "Chom Lay Restaurant" the perfect venue to relax and taste our menu, serving a variety of Thai, International Cuisine and the selection of Fresh Seafood combines the gentle breeze on the beach.

As well as our born and raise with predator instinct "Shark Bar" with its spacious sea front wooden deck and a large scale second swimming pool.

From the moment arrival to the hotel, you are comfortably inspired to our "Shopping Plaza", one of the largest and the most spectacular on Lamai Beach provides functionalities to comfort you throughout staying with us.

Our fitness centre offers a relaxed environment to work out and relax yourself with all fitness equipment and our supportive staff await to assist.

Special Offer for our guests
** Free use Hotel Fitness Center **
** Free Hotel Shuttle Bus to Chaweng Beach **

Buddy Samui Boutique Hotel
173/41 Robkoh Road, Maret, Koh Samui Suratthani 84310 Thailand
Tel: +66 (0) 77 458 560 upto 5 Fax: +66 (0) 77 458 555
Website: http://www.buddysamui.com
E-mail: booking@buddysamui.com

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Pizza In Pattaya?

Pizza In Pattaya?

By: Lawrence Westfall

Can you really get pizza in Pattaya, Thailand? Absolutely. Is it any good? Superb! Does this sound strange to you? It shouldn’t. Some of the finest chefs in the world have made their homes in Thailand and have set up shop cooking some of the finest cuisine in the world.

I love Thai food and eat my share of rice and noodles with all the other spicy goodies that go along with them, but I also like to sample food from around the world. Pattaya is the perfect place to do this.

You can go to Don Joe’s on Walking Street for an excellent pizza, The Sportsman Club for a superb �oeFull English” breakfast, or to the Big Horn restaurant for a 1 Kilogram steak.

If you have a craving for American food, it is readily available at Bob’s BBQ and also at the New Orleans Café �" ribs that will make your mouth water all the way home.

German, Swiss and Belgian foods are readily available too. It seems like there is another fine restaurant every 10 feet in Pattaya. Mexican food can be had at the Tequila Reef and also at the Blue Parrot. You would never know that you are in Thailand with all the fine choices at these great restaurants.

And, if it is seafood that you crave, just walk along Beach Road or Walking Street and you will find quite a few restaurants with seafood on ice or swimming around waiting for you to make your catch. King’s Seafood is one of the better restaurants with excellent tiger prawns and a beautiful view of the Gulf of Siam.

So, don’t go to Thailand if you are planning on losing any weight. Go there to have a great vacation and a fine sampling of some of the culinary arts of Asia.

Article Source:http://www.articlesnatch.com/Article/Pizza-In-Pattaya-/98015

About the Author:
Larry Westfall is the owner of - Pattaya-Crazy �" Newbies Guide to Pattaya

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Getting To Pattaya The Right Way

You can travel to Pattaya by car, bus, van, or even fly. Yes, I am not kidding you can fly to Pattaya.

Car: 147 km. from Bangkok, you can drive to Pattaya in less than two hours by heading southeast through Sukhumvit Road (yeah, same same with The Emporium located). Taking Bangna Trat Highway and then cross the Bang Pakong River to Choburi by pass to get to Sukhumvit Highway. Alternatively, you can catch a taxi to Pattaya at a cost of 1000 Baths to 1500 Baths (depends on your negotiation skill).

Bus: Depart from Ekamai Bus Terminal every 20-40 minutes. Just buy a ticket (128 Baths) for the next departure The journey spends two to two and a half hour. Getting to Ekamai Bus Terminal is easy, just take BTS and get off at Ekamai Station.

Van: Take vans from the Khao San area and expect the journey to take two hours (400 Bahts)

Train: If you have mush time, the train is a good option. Take a single daily first class from Hualampong Train Station at 6.50 am which arrives in Pattaya at 10.18 am. Take subway and get off at Hualampong Station.

Fyl: There is no flights from Bangkok to Pattaya but if you are in Phuket or Koh Samui take flights operated by Bangkok Aiways from Phuket and Koh Samui to O-Tapao airport whici is 30 km south of Pattaya. Please visit www.bangkokair.com for more info.

Living in Bangkok Condominiums

Living in Bangkok Condominiums

By: Wantanee Khamkongkaew

Located in central part of the country along the low flat plain of the Chao Phraya River, Bangkok is the largest as well as the capital city of Thailand. The cultural, educational, and political center of Thailand, Bangkok is one of the top tourist destinations in southeastern Asia, with a range of fabulous attractions such as Chitralada, Royal Grand Palace, Erawan Shrine, the temple of the Reclining Buddha, Wat Pho, the Bangkok National Museum, and the Bangkok University Art Gallery.

Apart from being a popular vacation spot, Bangkok is considered the backbone of the country's economy. For instance, the Stock Exchange of Thailand is located in Bangkok. Further, a large number of commercial banks and financial institutions have been headquartered in the city. Further, the cost of living in condominium is exceptionally low.

Above all, when compared to other Asian cities, Bangkok is a safe place to live in. Perhaps for these reasons, people prefer to live in Bangkok. Living in Bangkok is not only a great way for tourists to discover the great attractions of the place but also an excellent choice for those who want to settle here permanently, since it is strategically located center to almost all prominent Asian countries.

Like any other Asian cities, Bangkok provides a range of accommodation options to choose from, such as, budget villas and bungalows, single detached homes, and luxury apartments and flats coupled with a host of peerless amenities and facilities. Along these accommodation options, condominiums are also considered a great choice to live in Bangkok. But, this type of accommodation is quite different from other accommodation types.

A specialty of condominiums is that they possess dual nature, ie, a condo owner has full control over his unit. But, the owner is required to share the cost and expenses incurred for the common facilities of the property, like passageways and lobbies. In the case of condominiums, the owners are required to follow the rules and regulations formulated by condominium association. Nowadays, condominium units found here matches with the design and style of those units in some of the hi-fi Asian cities like Singapore and Hong Kong.

Depending upon the budget, lifestyle, tastes and requirements of the people, a multitude of condo units are now available in Bangkok. Some of the most popular forms of condominiums available in the city are apartment, townhouses, and single detached homes. No matter it is of any type, a condo unit in Bangkok mostly comes with comfortable bedrooms with adjustable beds, expansive living rooms, fully equipped kitchen with superb dining area, and sophisticated bath area with uninterrupted water supply.

In luxury type condominium units, facilities such as parking areas, fitness room coupled with gym facilities, laundry, Jacuzzi, separated male and female saunas, pools, and meeting rooms are included. Additionally, many of the condominium properties come attached with areas exclusively for children like kids pool and playground. Mostly, luxury condo units are located in such posh areas of the city as Sukhumvit, Sathora, and the Central Lumpini areas.

Living in a Bangkok condominium offers a host of benefits. One of the major advantages is that it is affordable. You can become a part of the unique community by living in a condominium in Bangkok. Low maintenance is another prime benefit of Bangkok condominiums. Advantages also include safety, as there are a lot of people around, there may not be chances for theft and robbery.

Above all, condominium life allows you to utilize a range of facilities such as pool, library, and elevators. Apart from these, condominiums are considered a long term investment. Understanding the importance as well as the benefits of Bangkok condominiums, many foreigners now invest in condo units. Further, a condominium is the only type of asset that can be legally owned by a foreigner in the country. Even a special law has been formulated for purchase of condominiums, known as the Condominium Act of Thailand (1999.)

With a myriad of real estate consultants, realtors and property builders in the scenario, buying or renting a condo unit in Bangkok is no longer a tedious process. In addition, since many of them have them have their own websites with details regarding the nature of the property, expected price or rent, amenities available and pictures of the condominium, buying or leasing a condo unit has now become quite convenient.

Article Source: http://www.articlesnatch.com/Article/Living-in-Bangkok-Condominiums/230374

About the Author:
Wantanee K. is an independent author evaluating and commenting on leading International Property Consultants in Thailand, especially CB Richard Ellis.

Getting Around Chiangmai

Getting Around Chiangmai

Sam-Lor (Pedaled Tricycle)

Sam-Lor is suitable for short distances. Taking Sam-Lor costs 20 Baths – 30 Baths per person for a short ride. The fare may go as high as 40Baths – 50 Baths for longer trips.

Tuk-Tuk (A motorized Sam-Lor)

Wan to go faster than Sam-Lor? Try traveling in Chiangmai by taking Tuk-Tuk. Prices are not standard so you need a good negotiation skill.

Song-Taew (Red Pick-Up Cab)

Song-Taew is the most common transportation method in Chiangmai. They are covered pick up trucks where passengers sit on back benches (look for the red one). It is recommended to ask the driver where it is going before boarding. It costs 15 Bahts per person if there are other passengers. If not, tell the driver where you are heading to and let prove how good your negotiation is.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Koi Restaurant

Koi Restaurant

Following its sisters in LA and NY, Koi Restaurant has brought BKK’s its international Japanese dining experience. The restaurant has everything for a smashing night out. Enjoy fine Japanese cuisine like eel and avocado rolls or indulge yourself with its signature dish – steamed Chilean Sea Bass with ginger, shitake and a touch of spice. If you like tempura, try Creamy Rock shrimp tempura.

If you are not concerned with dietary, finish your memorable dining experience with a mouthwatering desert like Molten Chocolate cake. The restaurant is located at Sukhumvit soi 20. Take BTS to Asoke station and walk to the soi around 10 minutes.

Captain Hook Resort, Koh Kood

Captain Hook resort is located on Klong Yai Kee Beach , Koh Kood. Koh Kood is the farthest island from the coast of Trat. The resort is decorated with natural materials. You can choose to stay in an Air-Con Bungalow or a VIP Sea view Bungalow which is more luxurious.

Each room is prepared to offer you a timeless romantic holiday by the sea. What I really like the resort is that a bathroom has been complemented by a real garden section with an open roof where you can talking a bath in a tropical.

There is an international restaurant serving up a big selection of delicacies and drinks to stimulate your taste buds.

Some of activities you can enjoy during your vacation at the resort are taking a kayak journey out into the sea, hiking to Klong Yai Kee Waterfall, diving and a private beach is only meters away.

Currently the resort is offering special packages for 3 Days 2 Nights at a cost of 6,800 baht per person for an Air-Con Bungalow or 8,800 for a VIP Sea view Bungalow

Luxurious and comfortable, the resort is the perfect place to getaway and enjoys the sea. The resort is beautifully landscaped and the location is very quite and private (perfect for chill out). The resort offers me the highest standard of privacy, comfort and within the grounds there is a secret hideaway beach. Captain hook Resort is a place where you can have the most memorable moments.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Condo Life@ Sukhumvit 65 for sale

For sale 2,330,000
1 Bedroom , 1 Bathroom
30 sq.m, Swimming pool , Garden Security
Closed to BTS: Phrakanong Stattion (5 minutes)
Fully Furnished.Ready to move-in next year. The building is located on to main

Please contact shinboon@gmail.com

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Why Buy a Condo in Hua Hin?

Based on my own experience of living and operating an Real Estate Agency in Hua Hin for nearly 5 years; and having built my own house and many others for our clients, if I had to do it all over again, I would most likely recommend my clients to buy a condo over a house. Why you may ask?

For one, over 90% of projects I've heard about encounter some sort of building issues somewhere along the line i.e. low building standards, untrained contractors, delay in work and therefore late delivery of finished product, lack of guarantee on construction quality, and many more.

But before I present my obviously biased opinion, let's look at the Pros and Cons of buying a house vs condo.


- Larger Living space
- Private Garden
- Pets allowed
- Easier to do Renovations

- More remote location
- Can feel less spacious
- Difficulties in transportation
- Slower Re-sale


- Likely to be more centrally located
- Can be more spacious even with smaller total area
- Better Security
- Easier Re-sale

- No private land or garden
- No private car port
- Possibly noisier
- Actual living space smaller
- No pets
- Restrictions in Renovations

The main obstacle for many foreign buyers is the language barrier. When you buy a house you are really on your own unless you have a Thai wife or girlfriend who can do some translation for you and even then it can be a hurdle to be understood. Most condo buildings have office staff who speak adequate English and help attend to tenants, home owners and guests.

If you are planning to buy a house and only live in Thailand part of the year, you will need to find a property management company to take care of your garden, pool, pay bills, cleaning and possibly to rent it out. This is a higher cost vs maintaining a condo.

If you want a quick return in investment, I'd say that condominiums are a better option since they rent easier due to better location, facilities, security and in-house maintenance.

Lastly and most importantly, the main reason why I advise foreigners to buy a freehold condo in Hua Hin is simply because, a foreigner cannot own land legally. Basically, you can only lease the land on which your house is built for 30 years with an option to renew the lease for another 30 years. I don't know about you but when I spend a couple of million baht on a property, I want it to be mine for a much longer time than 60 years!

By Maddy Barber

If you are thinking of buying, selling or renting Hua Hin property, be sure to log onto this Hua Hin real estate agency site for updated listings, invaluable information and advise.

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/finance-articles/why-buy-a-condo-in-hua-hin-415389.html

la a natu - Bed & Bakery

Not far from the heart of Hua Hin, la anu tu is located at Khao ka Loke, Pranburi where you can spoil yourself for a getwasy. With 10 exclusive accommodation inspired by Thai-Lao architecture and local artworks blend with visionary contemporary design, the hotel is categorized into Tropical Village, Tropical Cottage and Loft Suite. 

Tropical Villages & Cottages
This spacious end Tropical Villages & Cottages are constructed natural furnishings and equipped with essential amenities. Inspired by the Lao-song thatch-roofed house style and fisherman's house the cottages offer you natural comfy living.

Loft Suites
These spectacular duplex suites with luxurious natural décor are structured with separate living room, two bathrooms and your private Jacuzzi. This seaside cottage offers you a spectacular full panoramic sea view.


Enjoy your vacation with a 'Chocolate Pool' – a roof-top swimming pool overlooking sea and rice-fields or arrange you a small private at the resort. Last but not least and you should not miss is the resort‘s homemade Bakery. Try the resort’s signature bakery like Carrot Cake Ma-Toom (Bale) Cake Banana Nut Bread and Young Coconut Mousse Cake with afternoon tea.

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Top 10 Things to Do and See in Krabi Thailand

With so many activities that are perfect for the whole family to enjoy, Krabi has framed itself as a laid-back resort
destination where the emphasis falls on comfort and relaxation instead of on high-energy parties. The natural landscape is accentuated by limestone outcroppings known as karsts that pop up all over the countryside. With abundant plant life and beautiful coral reefs, there's plenty to explore while you're staying here.

Exploring the archipelago
One of the most remarkable ways to experience the limestone rock formations and spectacular beaches is to take a daytrip from one island to another. Many tour guides offer organised daytrips to the highlights of the archipelago, which are worth it and a chance to break away from the crowds of the mainland resort. For the more independent explorer, sea kayaks can be rented for trips out to some of the nearest small islands. A boat day trip to Phi Phi is a must too!

Than Bok Khoranie National Park
If you have a tent and would like a place to set up camp, consider heading out to Than Bok Khorani National Park, a secluded place with no concrete accommodation but an abundance of plant species culminating in a very picturesque pond surrounded by gardenias and apocynaceae. The park also boasts several limestone caves and some lovely mangrove forests. Many visit on a day trip from Phuket.

Rock climbing
Many rock climbing outfitters in Krabi also give lessons at various skill levels to help you improve your rock climbing abilities. The limestone cliffs and unique stone formations have helped Krabi carve out a global reputation among rock climbing circles. Ton Sai is the first stop for most climbers, as it’s the most frequented climbed spot in the area. Other climbing outings to more secluded areas are easily arranged with the help of climbing outfitters.

Koh Lanta Marine National Park
The sea gypsies, or Chai Leh, still live and work on the island of Koh Lanta—now a marine national park. For centuries they have practiced their own form of spirit worship and spoken their own distinct language. This island also has the region's standard fare of beautiful beaches, unique rock formations and stunning coral reefs for exploration. Some of the rainforest on this island is virtually untouched and remains protected. Visitors can rent bungalows and stay a while. It’s also connected to Phi Phi island by ferry.

Shell Fossil Cemetery
Thirty five million years ago, the site of Ban Laem Pho Cape was an enormous freshwater swamp that hosted millions of small snails. The remains of these creatures formed a fossilised composite that has grown almost 16 inches thick. This huge slab has become one of Krabi's most popular attractions and can be reached via a 10-mile drive from the town of Krabi.

Krabi nightlife
Ao Nang Beach resort area is the primary tourist hub of Krabi, with Krabi Town itself not offering a whole lot to out-of-towners except for a glimpse of everyday life for the locals. While not quite as exciting as Phuket, in the resort area you'll find bars and restaurants whose doors remain open past midnight, though you'll be hard-pressed to find any exhilarating parties or discotheques. Instead, this is a more family-oriented holiday spot with some nice restaurants and a relaxed, quiet atmosphere.

Scuba diving
The official diving season in Krabi is from November to Mach, though the conditions are hospitable all year round and divers are here at every time of the year. Snorkelling is also a great way to get a view of the coral reefs. Diving companies on the mainland can get you certified as a diver and will also arrange diving trips out to all of the best reefs in the surrounding area. The diving at Phi Phi is especially good.

Bikes can be rented in the Ao Nang resort area, and a cycling loop that heads out of town guides cyclist through the limestone rock formations that dot the landscape. The road curves through old villages and groves of coconut trees, and riders can stretch this spectacular route into as much as 15 or 20 miles of biking.

Railay Beach
Railay Beach may be the region's most unique coastal area, with its crescent shaped coastline that's cut off from the mainland by huge outcroppings of rock. Only accessible by boat, you can charter a vessel to drop you off for a daytrip to Phra Nang, a sacred enshrined cave, or for an overnight stay in one of the resorts that lay claim to these peaceful beaches. Even the beaches at Phuket don’t even compete!

Daytrip to Wat Tham Seua
Wat Tham Seua is the largest temple in Krabi, and its name means Tiger Cave Temple. It's literally tucked into the limestone cliffs of Ao Luk Thanu mountain range, and the Buddhist monks that live and worship here do so in the caves themselves. The highlight of this temple is 'Buddha's footprint', located at the summit of a 1,272-step climb, a point that affords wonderful views of the countryside spreading in every direction.

Author: Andy Burrows

About the Author:

Andy Burrows is a web writer and frequent visitor to Thailand, for more on Krabi online he suggests;
Everything you need to known about Krabi
Gallery of pictures on Krabi

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/travel-tips-articles/top-10-things-to-do-and-see-in-krabi-thailand-121502.html