Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Getting Around Chiangmai

Getting Around Chiangmai

Sam-Lor (Pedaled Tricycle)

Sam-Lor is suitable for short distances. Taking Sam-Lor costs 20 Baths – 30 Baths per person for a short ride. The fare may go as high as 40Baths – 50 Baths for longer trips.

Tuk-Tuk (A motorized Sam-Lor)

Wan to go faster than Sam-Lor? Try traveling in Chiangmai by taking Tuk-Tuk. Prices are not standard so you need a good negotiation skill.

Song-Taew (Red Pick-Up Cab)

Song-Taew is the most common transportation method in Chiangmai. They are covered pick up trucks where passengers sit on back benches (look for the red one). It is recommended to ask the driver where it is going before boarding. It costs 15 Bahts per person if there are other passengers. If not, tell the driver where you are heading to and let prove how good your negotiation is.

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