Monday, March 16, 2009

It's an arbitrage opportunity for Bangkok Property

Political crisis and economic turmoil in Thailand leads to a fall in the property prices. This makes real estate investment in Bangkok an attractive proposition. Our advice is to buy property counters at the moment and enjoy great returns over the next few years.

You may opt to buy property to draw a monthly paycheck. Rents are increasing up by as much as 15% year on year basis. Because relatively inexpensive housing, many multinational corporations have selected Bangkok as their overseas homes.

You may invest in Bangkok condos for vacation rental purpose. Each year, there are 15 million tourists around visit Bangkok. Vacation rental are popular among frequent travelers, families travelling to Bangkok and for those searching for a base before relocating to Bangkok for good.

It's a selling opportunity for Bangkok Property

Thailand's property market has faced a slowdown in the past few months. However, the result is not as negative as it might seem. Because the property market in Bangkok is much more affordable than other Asian cities such as Hong Kong, Singapore and Tokyo. This brings a lot of international businessmen and expatriates to the city looking for high quality property.

The property that is attractive to the middle and upper-middle income buyers are typically one and two bedrooms units ranging in size between 45 square meters to 80 square meters. For the high-end market, the ultrahigh net worth individuals are looking for two and three bedrooms from 90 square meters to 190 square meters in the Sathorn, Silom and Sukhumvit areas.